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With today’s range of highly durable and attractive coatings, owners don’t have to settle for bare concrete floors. Our polyurea spray-on coatings can be applied both inside on a basement, bathroom or family room flooring and outside flooring.

By adding strength against foot and wheel traffic and resistance to chemicals, coating is the perfect solution for both commercial and industrial floors. These benefits far exceed the cons. For instance,

  • Prevention of surface damage
  • Repair for damage
  • Chemical resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Decoration
  • Waterproofing
  • Anti-slip, skid resistance

P&P Coatings Flooring services

Coating forms a waterproof barrier. This protects untreated outdoor concrete floors from the weather elements. Inside, basements prone to flooding and rooms that are subjected to excessive washing, such as kennels or nursery school floors, can be sprayed partway up the walls to prevent water from leaking behind the wall and growing bacteria or mold.

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Concrete Floors

Concrete is notoriously slippery when wet. Coatings can be sprayed with a textured finish to provide an anti-slip, anti-skid surface. Particulates, such as quartz color chips and sand, can be added to enhance this feature.


Industrial Floors

Industrial and some commercial flooring requires extra protection, especially when exposed to constant cleaning, heavy wheel traffic and harsh chemicals.

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Wood Floors

Outdoor wood surfaces have unique challenges with the threat of warping, rotting, splintering and fading due to weather. Nothing is more frustrating than to clean and refinish or restore wood year after year. With P&P Coatings, the surface is treated one time and it maintains a weatherproof, waterproof barrier.