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P&P COATINGS Ltd. Is an engineering company specializing in the application of a durable Polyurea (PU) surface coating systems for Automotive, Construction and other Industries. We are all about coating.

Waste-water sewage areas, Water tanks/wall coatings, Flat roofs waterproofing / floor coating,

Corrosion protection and many more like gad/oil pipe insulation.

Our coating Approach

Our coating approach includes substrate repair and preparation products, priming and pre-treatment systems, high performance coatings and superior aesthetic finishes.

First of all, we prepare the designated area by, Measuring, Sanding and cleaning.

Then we prime the area in readiness for coating. Priming solution can be combined with sprinkling in particles for traction enhancement.

Finally, we coat the area with several layers depending on the situation.

Our Specialty

We offer spray coatings for a variety of products. Pure and specially-formulated hybrid polyurea for your Vehicles and Construction Scenarios.

P&P Coatings Team

We also offer other services. For example, Car Restorations and full spray coatings for a variety of products.